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Our Story

In 2016, as the Whatley family was about to add their second child, Tyler decided it was time to call in the promise of a ranch in Texas. When Tyler and Melissa began searching pristine properties, a diamond in the rough kept their attention. They both were attracted to its charm, its history, and the stories the trees seemed to whisper through the constant breeze. It was at this point that the work began as many stories were uncovered through the restoration of the 1860’s original German homestead, conversion of a living barn into a beautiful cottage, the removal of invasive cedars to reveal beautiful old oaks and old farm equipment becoming unearthed.

While sitting on the porch of the finished homestead with a glass of wine as the sunset over the hills glistened on the front field, a new vision began to emerge. With the chapter of restoration and conversion over, a new chapter started to be written through the hopes and dreams of a future. Melissa had always had an interest in learning all she could about wine and sharing that knowledge with all that would listen. Quickly, her passion rubbed off on her husband, Tyler, and so grew their passion for wine together. 

Tonight, we can sit with a glass of Whatley Wine, and watch the sunset over a field that is now planted with thousands of young vines and watch the dream grow and mature. God has given Melissa and Tyler a unique perspective filled with unique testimonies and challenging stories that could only be given for the reason of bringing glory back to Him. It’s been a joy to watch the journey of each grape from conception to arrival into one of our tanks, each bottle of wine has a story to share and thus we feel called to share them with you. Melissa and Tyler would love for you to come visit and hear the full story and be a part of this journey. 

Our passion is that a glass of wine is something with meaning, something you enjoy as you are making memories and writing the unforgettable stories of your life. Our hope is that our high-quality wines will be your bottle of choice to build your story around.